Regina Cleri Community

Regina Cleri cares for senior priests in a state-of-the-art facility where they can continue living their faith in community. 

Because of you, we’ve also been able to expand our clinical services for the more than 50 priests who currently reside at Regina Cleri. Our senior priests of our Archdiocese have devoted most of their lives to us and our Church, representing 11,655 years of service. Many continue to celebrate the sacraments each day and contribute to parish life and hospital ministry as long as they are able. 

Letter from the Director of Regina Cleri Residence for Senior Priests of the Archdiocese of Boston

The Archdiocese of Boston has been blessed with so many wonderful senior priests who, for decades, have devoted their lives to serving God by making our communities stronger. Regina Cleri is proud to serve as a strong community for them.

Located in the heart of Boston’s West End, Regina Cleri is committed to supporting the physical and emotional health and vocation of the eligible senior priests in the Archdiocese. Since 1964, our mission has been to provide our resident senior priests with unmatched holistic care to support their quality of life and changing needs. This enables them to continue dedicating their later years to their lifelong vocation of praying for us in our times of both joy and sorrow.

Regina Cleri currently houses:

  • 56 faithful senior priests;
  • who average 85 years in age and;
  • have amassed more than 2,800 years of ministry

We also provide two respite rooms for priests recovering from recent surgery or illness who need a quiet place to rest before returning to ministry.

Healthier Priests. Stronger Communities. Thank you so much for nurturing the spirits, bodies and minds of our senior priests through your support of Regina Cleri!


Stephen J. Gust, Director