Your Impact

Even people who work the most demanding 9-5’s can clock out at the end of the day to unwind, and then take the whole weekend to relax.

The life of a priest, however, doesn’t accommodate free nights and weekends. It’s a 24/7 calling that entails serving our communities tirelessly for several days on end, often with little time for breaks in between.

Because priests are so selfless in their service, it can be so easy to overlook the fact that they, just like all of us, need sleep and exercise for their own personal wellness. Our programs advocate for the health of our active priests so that they are able to continue their invaluable work that strengthens our communities.

The Intentional Living Program provides preventive health and wellness programs for the 334 active and 202 senior priests of the Archdiocese of Boston

The Dedicated Care Team offers one-on-one support and advocacy to priests with health concerns, particularly as they navigate the health care system. 

Regina Cleri cares for senior priests in a state-of-the-art facility where they can continue living their faith in community.